Pioneering a new space age through

innovations in rocket design and mass production

Mass-produce Rockets like Automobiles.

Pioneering a new space age through
innovations in rocket design and mass production

In an age when humanity can easily travel to space, what will our lives be like?

Riding a rocket into space may feel no different than taking a plane to a foreign country. And when humanity settles in space, each family may have a rocket of their own, like the cars of today.

To make this future a reality, we need mass-produced rockets that can be used by anyone – just like the cars of today

Not even cars could be mass-produced in the beginning

Today, cars are so common that every family has one. But actually, in the period after cars were first invented, only a few hundred were produced each year – that is, until the mass production of the Ford Model T changed everything.
However, even in this age of advanced automation, a custom F1 car cannot be mass-produced. In order to create a truly general-purpose machine, it must be designed from the ground up with mass-production in mind.

Many of today’s rocket designs are not suited for mass production.

As a result, they are unable to meet the rapidly increasing demand for rocket launches.
Launch demand for small satellites in 2030
The automobile represents one of the greatest achievements in the history of mechanical engineering. In comparison, rocket development is still in its infancy.

MJOLNIR SPACEWORKS is fundamentally rethinking the rocket engine to achieve mass production of rockets. Our unprecedented technologies will enable mass production and reusable rockets.

MJOLNIR SPACEWORKS is committed to further innovation and development of rockets, and aims to shape the foundation of a new space age.